FarmVent supported by Orange Grove in “Farming the Future” & “The Squeeze” with Growie Indoor Garden

Great Pitching day in The Squeeze Pitching Competition in front of the Ambassador of USA Geoffrey R. Pyatt & Ambassador of Nederlands Caspar Veldkamp

We are excited as one from the 8 Agrifood Start-Up Companies that had the opportunity to pitch to a 300+ people audience, which includes angel investors, VC’s, startups, business professionals and entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

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Why pay more for better when you can grow the best for less

Break conventions​

In a lot of cases, we pay more for quality. At Farmvent we aim to break that. Our system is designed to maximise yields. We eliminate the need for transportation and complex supply chain logistics enable you to get the best produce in the most cost efficient manner possible. A single vertical farm can help you save more than 7000 Euros depending upon how much you consume

Unmatched convenience to make life as easy as possible​

Plug and play

We value our time as much as you do. We understand that running a kitchen needs to be an extremely efficient process and there can be no hinderances to this process. We make this our focus in designing our system to make using easy. Our tray and pod system make loading and taking out plants hassle-free and our tailored customer service packages ensure that you experience convenience similar to buying produce from the store whilst enjoying the benefits of growing your own produce

Leave only your footprints behind​

Planet Proof

The global population and climate concerns are on the rise. We need to find more planet friendly ways to support our growing population. We believe vertical farming is the answer as it enables us to grow produce faster and more efficiently while using no soil and 10% of the water that traditional farming requires

Hyper local

Produce can be transported over long distances and this causes several issues. We generate about 1.4btn of food waste every year and this amount of food is enough to address nutrition concerns worldwide. By growing your own produce on location, you get produce on demand, waste less food and reduce your carbon footprint while doing so. Eliminating the need for long term logistics through growing your own hyper local produce reduces the carbon footprint by approximately 8X compared to buying from a wholesaler

A farm that continuously learns and grows to make the growing process more efficient​

Make every drop count

Our advanced AI and automation systems let us make the most out of every watt and every drop. By using energy efficient LEDs and reducing water usage by more than 90% compared to traditional farms, we are able to keep increasing our efficiency. Having your own farm instead of buying from wholesalers entail that you incur additional utilities cost. However the good news is that your utilities cost per farm will not exceed beyond 30 Euros a month

The key to safety is just a few feet away​

Protect what matters​

A kitchen should be a safe space. We take every precaution necessary to ensure that contaminants are not introduced into the kitchen through our farm. Produce can get exposed to a variety of substances and environments before making it into your kitchen. Having your own closed farm ensures that your produce does not get introduced to any harmful substances before you use them. You can watch the food that makes it to your plate, grow in a safe closed environment.  

Access ultra fresh produce that consistently exceeds your expectations, wherever, whenever, on demand

Food as good as you deserve

Experience unparalleled quality and taste with ingredients you grow yourself. Farmvent is a controlled environment where conditions inside are optimal for produce to thrive. Our advanced AI continuously monitors the environment in the farm and makes adjustments to keep maintaining optimal conditions inside. This allows you to consistently grow herbs and microgreens that are of the best quality whenever and wherever you want to