Farmvent teamates won the “Partners’ Prize” at #WUR Urban greenhouse challenge 2

We are excited for our teammates Orfeas Voutsinos & Nikolaos Alfieris wining the “Partners’ Prize” with the team proposal #COEXIST in #WURgreenhousechallenge by @StudentWur & Wageningen University & Research

The team #COEXIST with the “Shennong’s Farmers” developed a project in Marina Bay Center Agricultural Park , China which was chosen from 28 companies for the #PartnersPrize” in #WURgreenhousechallenge by WUR Student Challenges & Wageningen University & ResearchIt has been an epic journey in which 53 teams from 79 universities in 29 countries were challenge to design an urban greenhouse for Dongguan, China

Check the proposal :…/student_challenges_2020…/s/10939248…/details/7456

Check out the competiton book:…/docs/student_challenges_2020-def-issuu