Greens are grown with nutrients on location at an environmental cost close to zero.

Only few foods can be grown as sustainable as, as they require minimal space-, water-, and electricity. At the same time, they are packed with nutrition and ultimate freshness

Chef's Personalized Vertical Farm.

From fragrant basil to vibrant rainbow chard, chef’s vertical farm offers an array of luscious greens and herbs that inspire an endless array of culinary creations. These fresh, locally grown ingredients not only add exquisite flavor and color to the dishes but also bring essential nutrients to the table. Pairing these delectable greens , chefs elevate each dish to new heights of taste and well-being, making them an exceptional choice for plant-based cuisine.





Farmvent is a WUR startup  born and based in Wageningen University Campus.

As a dynamic team of scientists, food enthusiasts, tech experts, we are united by a shared passion for addressing one of the most critical challenges of our era: sustainable food production.

Join our mission and our follow our values 

Sustainability | Care | Transparency | Excellence | Innovation


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