The future of
In-store farming

Fully automated vertical farming solution

Robotics first retail approach to ensure controlled food production from seed to harvest with safety and no losses

Our Benefits

An autonomous Indoor micro farm

Our Robotic-first approach helps to ensure that every plant is harvested on roots on the time of sale.

Our solution extend the self-life of the product , eliminate the food losses and the predict waste when the products not solved.


Hyper Local

Hyper local data driven vertical farming modules for retailers.


Autonomous Harvesting

Our robotic approach harvest on the time that the customers want to buy & extending the shelf life


Less transportation

90% Less Transportation



99.9% Less Food waste

Less Fertilizer

An Indoor Vertical Farm designed to provide the freshest produce.

Fresh  & Healthy & Safe


Retailers or Growers ?

Both NOW can increase your sales and make a more sustainable supply chain! Interested? 

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