Vertical Farms
for every Chef and need.

The all-in-one instore vertical farming unit for professionals.
Experience the benefits that are actually being used every day.

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We change the way chefs source greens.

Hyper-Local Sourcing

Chefs now can access ultra-fresh produce grown on their place, ensuring peak flavor and quality.

Year-Round Availability

Vertical farms provide year-round access to seasonal ingredients, enhancing menu flexibility.

Customized Crop Selection

Chefs can tailor the crops grown to their specific menu needs, increasing uniqueness. More than 30 varieties available

Reduced Food Miles

Locally grown Ingredients with no transportation and environmental impact.

Made for restaurants

The vertical farm for every restaurant.

Farmvent •one•

Keep fresh flavors and better nutrition all year long, when you grow your favorite veggies, herbs, and microgreens. Every vertical farm includes everything you need to become the source of your own freshly-picked ingredients. Elevate your dishes with the freshest ingredients and create a seamless link between farm-to-table, all-in-one compact system.”

Made for food Service

The vertical farm for food service restaurants.

Farmvent •one XL•

Your partner in professional kitchen! Enjoy a fresh supply of quality herbs and greens, grown right on-site. Compact, stylish, and loaded with cutting-edge technology, this unit brings the farm to your kitchen. Elevate your dishes with the freshest ingredients and create a seamless link between farm-to-table, all-in-one compact system.”

Your partner in sustainable dining and more.

Food Service




Driving innovation together.

We’re proudly working with corporates, food service, restaurants, hotels and more.

We change the way chefs source greens.

Your restaurant
Our Technology.

Farmvent seamlessly integrates into the daily operations, supply chain, and product offerings of each restaurant. Our platform enables customers to plan and order custom greens directly, all powered by Farmvent technology. 

We offer service support from the initial stages through to full operation, with a primary goal of helping you succeed and achieve self-sufficiency. 

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Local Service available.

We have partner in select cities offer additional services to help install operate and maintain your vertical farm.

Services covers such as: 

  • Farm installation and planting
  • Weekly farm management
  • Harvesting and packaging.
  • Cleaning
  • Nutrients control check
  • Customer success programs


An (instore) vertical farm is an indoor agricultural modular setup equipped with advanced technology, including sensors and cameras, designed to enable customers to effortlessly cultivate crops directly at their restaurant locations. 

This allows chefs to personalize, plan, and manage their ingredient sourcing based on specific needs, ensuring the freshest produce is available right where it’s needed all sustainable farm-to-plate.

We offer different subscription models to cater to your needs.

Every business has unique challenges and needs. We’re not selling you an off-the-shelf service; we’re providing a tailored solution to help you automate the source of greens, reduce costs—and grow. 

Farmvent quickly pays for itself its investment by driving top-line growth through higher yields at more affordable prices compared to traditional wholesale sources. It offers fresher quality and extended post-harvest life, alongside savings through automation. Additionally, it delivers incremental sustainability and savings to your business by enhancing overall output efficiency.

Connect with us to explore how Farmvent farms can transform your business.

Instore vertical farms significantly reduce food miles and cut out intermediary costs, thereby enhancing restaurant sales and underscoring a commitment to sustainability by supplying chefs with fresher, pesticide-free ingredients. 

The farms optimize the supply chain and reduce disruptions, fostering customer loyalty through the innovative gamification of hyper-local ingredients that are showcased to clients. Moreover, they facilitate cost-effective operations by enabling restaurants to grow their own greens on-site, customizing production based on actual demand. This not only bolsters sustainability and operational efficiency but also meets the unique needs of each restaurant, drastically minimizing waste by aligning the cultivation of greens with the specific requirements of the every chef.

Farmvent vertical farms are built for everyone , and are accessible and beneficial for businesses of all sizes, depend the meals you serve per day we offer you the right size of vertical farm.

Enhancing sustainability, cutting down on food miles and waste, reducing supply chain disruptions, cost savings and provide customers with an extraordinary experience, highlighting the unparalleled freshness and taste of produce from its growth stage to when it arrives at the table – This is Farmvent . 

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